Why Us

Why us ?

First and foremost collectively we have over 50 years’ experience both as the client and working as professionals. We know the community, the services and what the client’s needs are. This is what drives our empathy and passion to deliver this service.

We feel the greatest value in life is YOU, how YOU FEEL. In building a more authentic relationship with self, becoming aware and mindful of your needs, a healthier bond is built and feeds into a more loving connection with yourself, life and all that’s in it.

The most profound level of loneliness is from the disconnection of self and others, not listening to self or rejecting and avoiding yourself. By avoiding responsibility of your own thoughts and emotions this can potentially lead to anxiety, depression, addiction problem’s, relationship breakdowns at home or work, isolation and thus a major disconnection.

At Connection Wellbeing Services, our four elements of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing all coincide. By helping your mind, you feel better, by feeling better emotionally you feel better physically, and by helping yourself physically you feel better mentally and emotionally. Helping to connect emotionally you feel better spiritually, all are connected.

To help you or your client we create a safe and stable environment to explore themselves. Whether through our circuit classes, creative space, group therapy, workshops or outdoor activities, a sense of belonging, warmth and affection is felt.

Trust is developed to then explore and challenge any thought processes, blocks or triggers that may have been preventing you from being all you can be.
Solutions and goals are focused on, exploring coping strategies and changing behaviours, helping you feel a sense of achievement, raising your self-esteem and feelings of worth.

By connecting to yourself a new sense of freedom and peace is achieved, giving you the energy to be all you are destined to be.

Our service is also totally unique in the range of services we offer and to the fact its open to ALL. Another stand out element to our service is that we offer unique pick and mix packages to suit you. You can literally tailor a well being package to suit you and to use in your own time.

Because we feel the service should be available to all we also offer all our services at half price to people who are unemployed, on benefits , retired, or students.

A Reccomendation From a Friend …

As a recommendation from a friend I thought I would give the mountain biking a go. I had an amazing time connecting with like-minded people, filled with fun, excitement and overcoming some fearful situations. I’m so glad that I agreed to take part as its one of those moments I always will remember. There was one time in my life I never thought fun, laughter and feeling part of was ever possible, how wrong was I? Gareth. E

It was a fun day and I gained knowledge

I found the orienteering activity with Connection Wellbeing very beneficial. It was a fun day and I gained knowledge and skills such as map reading, pacing, understanding distances, reference points, how to work out distances between different points on the map and contours of the land. It was a great way to connect with others and to have a good laugh. The staff at Connection worked well with everyone at their own pace, providing support. After being taught the skills listed I now feel I’ll be much more able to read a map to my own personal benefit in connecting and enjoying the great outdoors. Michael .B

I entered a state of relaxation

In participating in the meditation classes, I became aware of how much my body and mind needed to relax. I entered a state of relaxation that I now appreciate. It’s helping so much for my busy mind to become calm and finding a new way of releasing my emotions has become a way of being for me. It enables me to see, feel and centre myself to approach my daily life in a peaceful and prepared manner, giving me more emotional space. Although I was sceptical about meditation, I have never connected to myself like this before. Simon. P

I can’t wait for the next one

I have always suffered with low confidence and low self-esteem and did not have much of a social life. I isolated a lot and never really went out or was part of any clubs / activities / hobbies. My negative thinking and anxiety stopped me taking that step. The social events of Connection Wellbeing helped me overcome this, in a less intensive and more fun way. By going to a Connection event I have met and gained new friends, feel more positive and hopeful for the future. I was able to be myself and I’ve been smiling ever since. I can’t wait for the next one. Kerry.