Meet The Team

Eljin Keeling-Johnson

With a very friendly approach Eljin has worked with a wide spectrum of people with positive results working in an integrative humanistic school of thought. His passion is clear to see whether in a one to one or a group setting. Eljin demonstrates a very solution focused way of connecting with self and others. Eljin has vast experience in all areas of counselling, particulary in addiction and connection to your inner child. He has an enthusiastic passion for outdoor / fitness activities showing warm, friendly and motivational qualities. Over the last ten years he has built a respectful reputation throughout Staffordshire.

Jenni Codd

Jenni is a KRI certified yoga teacher she has spent time with various spiritual and yoga teachers in England and India, which have all added to her own understanding of what yoga is really about. Yoga has taught Jenni how to handle the challenges and the obstacles that pop up in life, how to listen to the body and understand the way of the mind. Through the practice of yoga, a deeper connection develops which brings you into your full vitality and clarity. Jenni offers an intuitive flow of yoga,combining all her experience and training to suit the needs of the class, working though postures, breathwork, mindfulness and of course deep relaxation.

Samantha Downes

Samantha has worked primarily within a workplace setting for the NHS for many years providing support to all levels of NHS staff on a full range of issues; on an individual, group and training setting. Samantha has 11 years of experience, having seen many different people presenting with a variety of issues. Samantha uses an Integrative approach, having studied and trained in a variety of approaches including, person centered & CBT and will draw on all of these to tailor the counselling to your needs. 

Darren Brookes

A genuine approachable person with a positive outlook on life. Darren has a passion in supporting people in a proactive way. He is highly driven in his management style, always thinking of the client’s needs and has vast experience working with multi-disciplinary teams, building an excellent rapport for the benefits of the clients and the community.